Toddler Room Makeover

Toddler Room Makeover 1

Braydon turns 4 years old this July, therefore we already transitioned him from a crib to a full sized bed. However, his personality has been developing so quickly over the past couple years that we knew it was time for a room makeover to reflect the interests of our little guy.

He has two obsessions lately: Ninja Turtles and Star Wars. We agreed Star Wars would be a longer lasting interest, plus all of the blues matched the pieces from his nursery that we were keeping in his room – so Star Wars theme was an easy decision for us (especially for my husband who also loves Star Wars).

Braydon has a TV in his room and more toys than a kid could ever need, but he still was spending all of his time in the living room and never really playing in his room. It was obvious he had outgrown his nursery décor and this was my indication that he was really in need of a space that felt like his own. Plus, I was sick of my living room floor being covered in legos, blocks and toys that were constantly getting stepped on, broken or lost.

We made his big boy room conversion a really big deal. We knew it was a one-time deal on impressing him with his new space. Also, we wanted Braydon to be excited about his new room so he would be happy spending more time there and so it would make bedtime just that much easier.

The products that we picked to deck out Braydon’s room were:

  • The Darth Vader Upholstered Chair where he can sit to watch TV, play with toys, or look through his books
  • The Star Wars Bookshelf, which is the perfect storage unit for not only books but also his Star Wars paraphernalia – which he has plenty of!
  • The Star Wars Toy Box that is already filled with toys that used to cover the floor
  • Lux Swivel Chair that Braydon loves to cuddle in but also is a great and comfy spot for my husband and I to sit in and read from

Star Wars Bookshelf

Star Wars Toy Box

Star Wars Deluxe Upholstered Chair

We wanted a little personal touch to go in Braydon’s room and I am very far from crafty. So, as a fun addition, we had a blue B designed to hang in his room that matched all of his new decor.

Toddler Room Makeover 2

When we were ready for the final reveal, we told Braydon that we had a surprise for him. We asked him, if he could have the room of his dreams, what kind of room would it be? His first thought was ice cream but we explained that wasn't exactly feasible unless he was going to sleep in a freezer, and then to our relief, he followed up with Star Wars. Thank goodness!! We opened the door and he walked into his room and shouted "Star Wars!! Yay! Tank yew mama."

Ever since, he’s been asking if his little brother, Walker, can come play in his room. We were both excited and pleasantly surprised that we had accomplished our goal. Delta isn’t lying when they say they create bedrooms too fun for timeout! His room has really become a place he loves to spend time and it’s adorable to watch him bring everyone into his world to enjoy it with him.

Lux Swivel Chair

Now Braydon spends so much time watching movies and eating cereal in his Darth Vader Upholstered Chair and playing with his brother in his new room! Walker has also taken a huge liking to Braydon's new big boy Lux Swivel Chair because it sways and he falls asleep in it instantly! Which is great, because Braydon is in the "mine" phase and the Darth Vader chair is off limits to Walker for now - or at least when Braydon is around!

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